Twelve Tables Announces New Publication, March 2017

Litigation in Practice, by Curtis E. A. Karnow, provides invaluable tips, court room strategies and “court room do’s and don’ts” for students and new trial lawyers.   
190 Pages (Soft Cover), $24.95:
ISBN: 978-1-946074-04-1 (Print), 978-1-946074-05-8 (E-book)

Authored by best selling Rutter's Civil Procedure Before Trial (West/Thomson Reuters), Superior Court Judge, Curtis E.A. Karnow's  Litigation in Practice provides invaluable tips, courtroom strategies and helpful insights of the trial process, with a no-nonsense writing style, offering “court room do’s and don’ts” that every new trial lawyer and student needs in understanding that “law is what happens in the courtroom. “ Other sections provide advanced practical guidance for settlement, case management, using case precedent, and expert testimony.

Chapter One—Trials and Tribulations, Chapter Two—Statistics and Probability: Bad Inferences & Uncommon Sense, Chapter Three—Timing Settlement, Chapter Four—Complexity in Litigation: A Differential Diagnosis, Chapter Five—Similarity in Legal Analysis & the Post-Literate Blitz, Chapter Six—Expert Witnesses: Sargon and the Science of Reliable Experts, Chapter Seven—Prejudices of the Past and the Role of Experiential Learning

About the Author: Curtis E. A. Karnow is a Judge of the San Francisco Superior Court, assigned to the complex litigation department. He is an author of Rutter’s Civil Procedure Before Trial (West/Thomson Reuters). He has taught at University of California Hastings College of Law and lectured at the business schools at the University of Michigan and the University of California, as well as the law schools at the University of San Francisco, Stanford, New York University, and Yale; and he teaches civil litigation to new and experienced California judges. Judge Karnow graduated from Harvard College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School where he was an editor of the law review. He served as Assistant United States Attorney and clerked for Louis H. Pollak (E.D.Pa.). While in private practice, Judge Karnow specialized in antitrust, intellectual property, computer and internet law. 
 See Article, TheRecorder,  September 17 2017 
"Judges Know What 'All Due Respect' Really Means and Other Tips from the Bench
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Twelve Tables Press Announces Publication, January 2017

Judge Thelton Henderson: Breaking New Ground, captures his humble origins to becoming a leading civil rights attorney to his landmark decisions on veterans’ affairs, educational and prison reform, and the environment.    

January 16, 2017 — Northport, New York —Twelve Tables Press today announced the publication of Judge Thelton Henderson: Breaking New Ground by Richard B. Kuhns 474 Pages (Hard Cover), $38.95: Judge Thelton Henderson, Senior Judge of the Federal District Court for Northern California, began his legal career with the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department in 1962.  He was the first African-American Justice Department attorney to work in the South, where he became an important liaison between the Department and civil rights leaders.  Later, Judge Henderson engaged in private practice, worked as a legal services attorney, and became an Assistant Dean at Stanford Law School. President Carter appointed him to the federal bench in 1980, and during his tenure Judge Henderson issued a number of notable and sometimes controversial decisions.  In a series of rulings, he protected dolphins from needless slaughter by tuna fishers; after finding California was incapable of providing constitutionally adequate medical care for its prisoners, he placed the entire prison medical system in receivership; and as part of a three-judge court, he ruled – in a decision affirmed by the Supreme Court – that California had to reduce substantially its prison population.  Judge Henderson has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards including the American Bar Association’s Thurgood Marshall award and the Bernard Witkin Medal from the California Bar Association. In 2006, the UC Berkeley Law School renamed its justice center The Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice.  A documentary film on Judge Henderson’s life, Soul of Justice by Abby Ginzberg, released in 2005.

About the Author:  Richard B. Kuhns taught at Washington University School of Law School, is an expert on evidence and criminal procedure and the co-author of leading casebooks in those fields. He has published on such matters as the hearsay rule, Fourth Amendment standing, and the criminal contempt power. Before turning to law teaching, Professor Kuhns was a public interest attorney in California. It was there that he met Judge Henderson and practiced law with him at a legal services office in East Palo Alto.


Twelve Tables Press and Carolina Academic Press Announce Publishing Alliance
Joint venture supporting legal education and trade publisher Twelve Tables Press’s vision in chronicling "individuals in law" with an emphasis in capturing the craft of lawyering  

August 15, 2016 — Northport, New York and Durham, North Carolina — Twelve Tables Press today announced a publishing alliance with Carolina Academic Press. The new joint venture will provide all back-office fulfillment, editorial, sales, and marketing support to enable Twelve Tables Press to focus on its vision to chronicle the individuals behind the landmark decisions, capture the craft, scholarship and often sheer will needed to change and redefine American Law, jurisprudence and society.

Twelve Tables Press, with its legal education and trade publishing vision to support and promote “individuals in the law,” will publish 20 to 30 new titles annually including trade and educational texts,  digital and print biographies, interviews, archive photos and documents, capturing the craft of lawyering behind these landmark cases, political, and social movements.  

Carolina Academic Press founder Keith Sipe notes: “For the last 20 years I’ve watched Steve Errick build market-leading publishing programs, first at Foundation Press, then at Aspen Legal Education, and most recently, the dizzying responsibility of overseeing the LexisNexis content practice portfolio. I kept telling Steve, ‘what about your own imprint, and if not now, then when?” 

Co-founder of Twelve Tables Press Steve Errick notes, “For every landmark case, there’s an attorney, firm, or organization that only a few truly know about, or appreciate. We want to document the fight, smarts, and will it takes to make a difference. Carolina Academic Press is the most innovative and daring publisher in our market, while never losing its focus on serving its authors and customers. I am so appreciative to have their support and confidence.  With my co-founder Larry Selby leading our digital and media strategy and Jay Tidmarsh as our Editor in Chief,  Twelve Tables Press will ensure that students, attorneys, and enthusiasts of legal history will have a chance to learn more about these landmark cases and the leaders behind these decisions.”

About Twelve Tables Press: Twelve Tables Press is a legal education and trade press co-owned by former Lexis VP Managing Director  Research Information Steve Errick, former American Law Media (ALM) VP, Research Solutions, Larry Selby, and Notre Dame Professor of Law, Jay Tidmarsh. 

About Carolina Academic Press: Although primarily a law publisher, for more than thirty years Carolina Academic Press has also published successful titles in areas as diverse as anthropology, history, sociology, criminal justice, education, politics, and sport risk management. The press may be best known for publishing Richard C. Wydick’s Plain English for Lawyers, a helpful reference now in its fifth edition and touted by The New York Times as “. . . probably the most popular legal text today. . . .” Its current law list includes around 1,200 unique and engaging titles by academics or practitioners who are experts in their fields.

To learn more about Twelve Tables Press, contact Steve Errick, Publisher and Co-Founder
P.O. Box 568, Northport, New York 11768
631- 241-1148 (Direct) or 631- 754-1913 (Fax)
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